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Four Steps to a Leaner Healthier You

A Simple Regimen for Detoxification, Weight Loss and Disease Prevention

The Toolbox, Toxins & Oxygen  p. 1-5


  Here at Family Health News we have been researching breakthroughs in alternative health and complementary medicine for over 20 years. During the past two decades we have reviewed over 4800 different nutritional supplements and yet we carry only 75 or 80.  We pursue the most promising, talked about and popular products and modalities.  We then determine what we believe to be the best in class amongst the various available items in those cutting edge breakthroughs.  When ever we add something to our offering we publish a thorough and informative article on the science and efficacy of that item. We do this because we are interested in providing quality, value and effectiveness to our readers for each type of supplement. We respect our people and realize that your understanding of nutrition is paramount.  Complementary medicine is populated by individuals who realize that they are responsible for attaining and maintaining their own health. Our goal is to arm you with the knowledge and tools you need to tend to your own well being.


  Once we have identified the best product in a given category we add it to our product line.  As a result we have here at Family Health News an excellent tool box of the most important and effective supplements the field of alternative health has to offer. They cover a broad range of health issues.  These are the issues that are most likely to be of concern to the average individual.  From that toolbox has evolved a regimen that allows an individual to engage in the proper care and maintenance of their person.  This regimen has a very clear starting point as well as brief and easy to follow steps that will lead you to a new beginning in healthy living.


  We have always had as our focus a concentration on oxygen and in particular the methods for deploying oxygen in the forms of stabilized oxygen, hydrogen peroxide and antioxidants. Nutritional supplements can be very confusing because of the number of options and alternatives. Most companies don’t help much in this regard.  In their attempt to distinguish themselves they tend to use highly technical terminology of a medical nature or scientific words that are unique to the preparation of their product that, although it sets their brand apart from others, does little to add to your understanding of how it works, what it will do for you and why you should take it.  We have simplified things by developing our toolbox and in so doing what has evolved is a degree of clarity that allows us to see the forest through the trees particularly when oxygen is used as your home base or focus.  Oxygen gives us a point of departure and allows you to get your bearings and the ability to navigate the world of wholistic healing.  Conceptually it can be used as a starting point or your home base. Once you understand oxygen other functions and systems of your body can be integrated from this foundation. It becomes a well understood focal point to venture forth from and return to when while learning what you need to know to take care of yourself.  It is incredibly important to gain a fundamental understanding of how you body works so that you can keep it working.  It’s fun, it’s interesting and ultimately no one will do it for you but you.  We’ll help you do it. And we’ll toss out all the big words and use human English so that we can understand, remember and converse more fluently with one another.


  Often we get a curious look when we tell the people who ask us what we sell and are told that we carry oxygen related products.  They get curious because oxygen is all around us.  However there is more to oxygen than meets the lungs.  There are two types of oxygen.  There is O2 for oxygenation.  This is the oxygen that your red blood cells use for metabolism.  O2 involves oxygenation at the cellular level as your cells eat and breathe.  Every cell in your body eats and breathes.  They individually absorb oxygen and excrete carbon dioxide while absorbing food that they burn to create, repair and maintain their constituent parts as well as burn calories to produce energy to perform whatever function it is that they provide for the larger organism – you! Again - O2, red blood cell, oxygenation. 


It is important to point out that red blood cells are like delivery trucks. They maintain your metabolism by delivering food and oxygen to the tissues in bulk and then hauling away and disposing of the waste products and carbon dioxide en masse.  These items are actually carried to and from the individual cells by the interstitial fluid or lymph.  It is interesting to note that the red blood cells move rather quickly.  Each red blood cell makes a complete circuit of your body roughly twice per minute, whereas your lymph takes twenty four hours to fully circulate.  Your blood circulates nearly three thousand times more quickly than your lymph.


  The other type of oxygen is singlet oxygen or O1.  This singlet oxygen is what your white blood cells use to get rid of poisons, toxins, eliminate unhealthy cells and kill pathogens. Pathogens are viruses, bacteria, fungi and protozoa. These are collectively known as germs. Germs invade your body and get all their food and energy from you.  They often harm healthy cells and give off noxious toxins that cause the symptoms associated with colds and flus.  Technically a toxin is a poisonous substance given off by a living cell or organism. There is a non-technical usage of the word toxin that has developed over recent years that puts toxins and poisons under the same umbrella in one general term.  A poison also referred to as a toxicant is a toxic substance that is man made.


These toxins are often referred to as environmental contaminants or environmental toxins.  Environmental toxins can be carcinogenic, mutagenic, teratogenic and just plain toxic.  There is a broad and a narrow definition of the word toxin and any health enthusiast would do well to be aware of the distinction.  It is the job of the white blood cells in your immune system to release oxygen singlets, the O1 molecule, to kill germs break down toxins and eliminate unhealthy cells.  White blood cells do this by releasing a molecule called a peroxisome.  This is a special part of a cell that contains oxidative enzymes like catylase that help rid the body of toxins using the resulting hydrogen peroxide that is created during the reaction.  They are typically concentrated near the liver and kidneys.  These are the organs responsible for filtering toxins out of the system and disposing of them.  This is a gross oversimplification of the process that would make an Immunologist howl and your average General Practitioner smile, shake his head and then nod.  We’re not doctors and if we need to paint with a broad brush to develop a metaphor and establish a better knowledge of how the body works then we have laid a major cornerstone in building a framework for the understanding, care and maintenance of our health and our person.


  There are two types of oxygen.  O2 that your red blood cells use to maintain proper metabolism through oxygenation and O1 that your white blood cells use for proper sanitation through oxidation.  In this, the 21st Century, we have high paced, stressful lifestyles.  We have deplorable, nutrition free diets.  We are exposed to tens of thousands of man made toxins.  On a daily basis we share toxin producing organisms with one another from every corner of the globe at a rate that keeps the Center for Disease Control in a state of high alert at all times.  All of theses conditions contribute to a higher demand for oxygen and simultaneously deplete oxygen within the body.  Higher demand and lower levels of both types of oxygen makes a mess of your metabolism and is a disaster for your health.  What do you do when you have a messy disaster?  You clean up and rebuild.


Track 2 – Clean Up & Rebuild;  The Colon & Intestines p. 6-12    

  The first step in cleaning up is remediation. This means stop making the mess worse.  In other words remove, reduce, or neutralize the germs, waste or toxins from the body that are causing the problem to prevent or minimize harm to the person.   The American diet is CRAP – that stands for coffee, refined sugars, alcohol and processed foods. As a result of poor dietary choices in addition to stress and sedentary lifestyles what would normally be oxidized or fully digested in the gut is not. Because of this there is an accumulation of undigested material partially digested material and rotting material within this fecal fortress.


The road to health is paved with clean intestines. The average person is walking around with anywhere from six to twelve pounds of undigested material fermenting in their intestines and colon. Digestion is a process of oxidation. That is why we give off heat, carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide. Just like a car engine when there is improper oxidation some of the fuel gets left behind as a residue. In the digestive tract, there is a similar build up of partially digested gunk. In an automobile when you add oxygen to the fuel mixture the built up materials are burned off or oxidized. You can do the same for your body. As these materials accumulate and subsequently begin to rot, your body wraps them in mucus to keep them from poisoning you. Oxygen will turn the accumulation and the mucus into carbon dioxide and water that are gently eliminated. It is unimaginable to think of going one week without the use of a toothbrush or toilette tissue. Yet, when was the last time you thought about cleaning the twenty feet in between? Do you think it's any cleaner? It's a simple fact, people rarely clean where they cannot see and that is where dirt is more likely to accumulate.  We’ve all been in a home that was immaculate and yet had an eighth of an inch of dust on top of the refrigerator. 


  The failure to practice proper colon hygiene gives toxin producing germs somewhere to hide.  The impacted material is home base to four of the most dangerous threats to your health.  Number one, it is where manmade toxins accumulate. For example when you are behind a bus in traffic, the exhaust gets in your saliva and sinus, then you swallow and that chemical soup is absorbed into the impacted material and eventually leaches those pollutants into your bloodstream.


Second, it is where viruses and bacteria hide when your immune system chases them out of your bloodstream. There they breed, multiply and reinvade your system using your gut as a home base. Third, the impacted material is an ideal medium for parasites. It provides them with a place to live and is a ready source of food.  This putrefaction is also an ideal garden for the overgrowth of undesirable flora such as candida. By using oxygen to break down, oxidize and eliminate this impacted material, you are eradicating the home base to four of the largest assailants to your health and giving them nowhere to hide.


Assimilation and elimination are the two most important functions of the gut.  Oxygen is vital to the performance of these two all important jobs of the digestive tract - assimilation and elimination. The colon is approximately three to five feet long. The walls of it are reasonably smooth and it is primarily an organ of elimination. If the colon is clogged with mucus and undigested material, the function of elimination is impeded. Many practitioners recommend health regimens that involve the detoxification of the liver, kidneys, the bloodstream, and the lymph. However, if the colon is not cleaned first, these systems have nowhere to empty to and back up. This creates a feeling of malaise known as a detox reaction, or healing crisis. These episodes are unpleasant and can be completely avoided by using cleansing the colon with oxygen prior to any detox regimen. By cleaning out the colon first, it enhances any detoxification regimen and allows it to proceed without impediment and, in fact, can be pursued more aggressively and to better effect.


The intestines are approximately twenty feet long. Nature designed them with a maximum amount of surface area for absorption. The inside of the intestines consists of villi. These are hundreds of finger-like projections making the internal texture of the intestines much like a shag rug. In fact, “villi” is Latin for shaggy hair. When the villi get pasted down with mucus and impacted material they are less able to absorb nutrients from food or get maximum benefit from your supplements. Instead, you are reabsorbing toxins from the impacted material as it ferments. By cleaning out the intestines, shampooing that shag rug as it were, you enable yourself to get the maximum benefit out of the food that you eat and the supplements that you take. It is also a wonderful way to reduce bloat and relieve that lousy tired feeling one gets from absorbing poisons into the bloodstream through the intestines instead of nutrients.


Commonly oxygen based colon cleansers are powders of oxygen bonded to magnesium. They are dependant on the acid environment of the stomach for the release of oxygen.  Typically, a heaping teaspoon is dissolved in a twelve ounce glass of water which is followed by the juice of half a lemon, squeezed into the same glass with a dash more water. This releases a tremendous amount of oxygen in the intestines and colon for the purpose of cleansing.


   Typically, the first time a person engages in a colon cleanse they will take their oxygen two to three times a day for a week for an initial cleanse.  This will provide a thorough cleanse and can be performed three or four times a year. As a regular practice one would be inclined to use the product once or twice a week for maintenance. It is important to take oxygen colon cleansers on an empty stomach and wait an hour before eating anything else. The lemon juice that you chase the powder with assists the hydrochloric acid in your stomach to cause the release of oxygen. This simple reaction allows the oxygen to pass into your intestines and your colon quickly. There are three times a day when most people find that they have an empty stomach and will not be consuming anything for an hour. These are first thing in the morning, mid to late afternoon and right before bed. Proper colon hygiene using oxygen is widely regarded by practitioners as the most thorough, gentle cleanse that complements the body's natural process of oxidative digestion.


  It is important for you to empty undesired materials from your intestines and your colon.  Digestion is a process of oxidation and reduction that reduces most materials into carbon dioxide and water. During a cleanse one can expect copious, aqueous stools but should not experience gas as all reactions take place in solution. This experience can be distinguished from diarrhea where by parasitic, viral or bacterial invasion the body purges itself of valuable fluids and there is a sense of urgency. With oxygen, you will have no sense of urgency nor will you need to fear dehydration as with diarrhea - one more reason why oxygen is the colon hygiene product of choice. In fact, oxygen based colon cleansers are used by many colon hydrotherapists as an adjunct to their colon irrigations or colonics, because it allows them to clean the intestines as well as the colon. Just as its' been said for centuries that death begins in the colon - With proper colon hygiene health, vitality and longevity can begin in the colon.  Remenber, the road to health is paved with clean intestines.


  We know that digestion is a process of oxidation. Due to stress, processed foods and poor dietary habits there is insufficient oxygen in the digestive tract to complete digestive oxidation. The result is material left behind that impairs nutrient uptake and proper elimination of toxins. Oxygen powder or capsules when taken with ample water release oxygen to gently complete the digestive process and thoroughly cleanse the colon and intestines. You do not want to allow unwanted material to accumulate in your digestive tract where it can ferment and become a home base for natural and man made toxins.


  Many practitioners refer to proper colon hygiene as square one in any health regimen.  It is an important first step in paving the way to the proper care and maintenance of your body as an organism.  Your body is the sole vehicle which you have been given to convey yourself through this life.  It makes sense to take proper care of it and make that journey with ease rather than “dis-ease”.  Practicing proper colon hygiene can contribute to making it a long and pleasant journey.


   Getting your body to where it belongs is no different than maintaining any other vehicle or structure that has been neglected. You have to clean up before you repair and rebuild. A thorough cleanse is the straightest path to well being and rejuvenation.   That cleanse should begin with the colon.  It is important to clean out the organs of elimination prior to detoxifying the rest of the body to avoid a detox crisis. By eliminating built up toxins first you provide the body with an opportunity to restore vitality. The action of oxygen reduces unwelcome matter to carbon dioxide, waste and water. This gentle oxidizing action complements the body’s natural function by completing the digestive process. Many herbal cleansers and laxatives cause the body to dump its’ valuable water resulting in dehydration.


Herbal laxatives work by employing micro toxins, or small poisons, to produce the same effect of purging by using valuable water to flush out the digestive tract. These methods drain the body of necessary fluids in their attempt to wash out the system and do not contribute as well to good health. Another method of cleaning the colon is leeching of material from colon walls using activated carbon, bentonite clay or diatomaceous earth. There has been little enthusiasm for this method over the years as the appeal of consuming charcoal, clay or dirt does not motivate most people. Bulk type laxatives like psyllium are taken to maintain regularity. Fiber is a popular and accepted method often used between cleanses to maintain regularity.


   For a thorough cleanse oxygen is a gentle and sensible method. To eliminate toxic wastes simply dissolve your fecal fortress which is a home base for parasites, toxins, yeast, and germs. Do not allow them to multiply and seep into your bloodstream. By eliminating this home base you can prevent poisons and pathogens from getting a toe hold on your system and help to prevent the formations of colonies that can cause recurrences of past maladies.   As the impaction accumulates it ferments and your body wraps it in mucus to keep it from poisoning you.


You can improve nutrient absorption by cleaning the surfaces of the intestines and facilitate nutrient assimilation. Nature designed the small intestine with a maximum amount of surface area. If your membrane is caked with muck not only is nutrient assimilation impaired you are reabsorbing toxins. When you’re not getting what you need from what you eat your brain tells you to eat. The choice of practicing proper hygiene in your gut is yours health and vitality or cravings and malaise.


 Many practitioners recommend a colon cleanse as a first step in any detox or cleansing regimen. It helps to prevent what is commonly referred to as a healing crisis or detox reaction that individuals undertaking a cleansing will frequently encounter. This comes about as a result of cleaning out the bloodstream, lymph or organs without first cleaning the primary organ of elimination the colon. A detox reaction can be awful and is easily avoided by cleaning the colon first. Practitioners familiar with natural healing employ colon cleansing as a valuable tool for avoiding these unpleasant episodes. It is logical to clean out the organs of elimination prior to attempting to detoxify the body. This way your lymph has a clear path of elimination once you move on in your cleansing regimen from the colon to the rest of your body.


  When toxins are stirred up they will float around and create complications until they are removed. Symptoms of a healing crisis are nausea, headaches, fatigue, or pain in the liver and kidneys. With Colosan this unpleasantry is a thing of the past.  Healthy people insure their well being by keeping their colon clean. It is often the first thing they resort to when they’re dragging, not feeling well or sense a bug coming on. Colon cleansing is a reliable tool and a convenient way to make amends for life’s excesses and get back on a healthy track. You’ll get used to the clean aerobic feeling and increased energy. You’ll have less waste and better nutrient uptake when you practice proper colon hygiene. Heavy People- develop a tremendous loyalty to cleansing because it is a quick way to lose a few pounds of build up material but more importantly release excess fluids which helps reduce bloating.


When you clear the colon of impacted material the liver and lymph drain - it’s not weight loss its waste loss. The average person has six to twelve pounds of putrefaction rotting away in their gut that can be easily eliminated for better health and  a leaner looking physique. You can tame cravings when you remove the residuals of addictive substances like fat, sugar, caffeine, nicotine and alcohol that leach into the build up and find their way back into your bloodstream.


  Colon Therapists love an oxygen colon cleanse because it enables them to clean the entire 21 feet of the small intestine as well as loosening the impacted material in the colon for more thorough removal. By cleansing their patients prior to the colonic they can effect a more thorough irrigation. The combination of an oxygen cleanse and a colonic is the secret of those who have made it to seventy five and beyond and who are really alive and well. It is an intelligent approach for those who take their health seriously. Yeast sufferers have found that the only way to get relief from candida is an oxygen colon cleanse.  They often say that it is the only thing that has ever brought them calming relief from bouts of severe yeast. It dissolves the muck that the yeast grows in and creates an aerobic environment where beneficial flora can thrive and keep candida in check. Candida Albicans is a normal part of your bacterial flora that performs a few minor fuctions. 


When undesired matter is allowed to accumulate in your gut there is a overgrowth of Candida Albicans.   This overgrowth can cause headache, fatigue, itching, mood swing, diarrhea, difficulty concentrating, vaginitis, acne, thrush, indigestion, athlete’s foot and a whole host of other problems. A regular oxygen colon cleanse is a surefire way to avoid candida which can develop into a chronic and debilitating condition.  The practice of proper colon hygiene can prevent it and fix it.


Track 3 – The Liver: Filter, Factory & Warehouse p. 13-18

   The liver is the largest solid organ in the body. It performs a variety of essential functions. It acts as a filter. The liver is the body’s blood filter. It traps, breaks down and eliminates bacteria, poisons and toxins. It also takes old blood cells out of circulation and eliminates them. It is a factory. The liver manufactures enzymes, cholesterol and proteins, converts beta carotene into Vitamin A and produces bile for digestion. The liver converts fats into sugars and sugars into fats as needed by the body. It is a warehouse. The liver stores spare blood reserves for when it is needed. It stores fat in the form of cholesterol and sugar based fuel reserves called glycogen. It stores some cholesterol for short term use and sends some cholesterol to the fatty tissue of the body for long term energy storage. It also stores Vitamins B-12, E, K, D and some minerals like ferritin used in the manufacture of red blood cells. The liver transforms fats and proteins into fuel for the body. The fat we eat is carried to the liver broken down and burned to produce tremendous amounts of energy or released into the blood stream as fatty fuel for the rest of the body’s cells. The liver binds excess glucose molecules together to form glycogen a long chain animal starch storage molecule. When blood sugar is low the liver breaks down glycogen and releases glucose molecules into the blood for cells to burn for energy.


   The liver also converts glucose to fat. If all the glycogen is used up, it can change fats and amino acids to glucose. The liver regulates the amount of cholesterol in the body like a thermostat. It synthesizes cholesterol when it is needed and breaks down and eliminates excess cholesterol when there is too much. Many of the cholesterol molecules that are broken down and eliminated have toxins and hormones attached to them that need to be eliminated. There are the hormones manufactured by your body, plant hormones acquired through your diet and toxic pollutants that are chemically similar to our hormones. In order, these are known as endogenous, phyto and xeno hormones. All three are lipophilic meaning they are carried by fat molecules. Toxins that are attached to fat molecules in this way are very destructive and eliminating them requires a lot of the liver’s energy. Lipophilic xenoestrogens include such cancerous substances as DDT. It is important to get them out of the body


  The Liver receives 25% of the oxygen rich blood sent by the heart from the lungs via the hepatic artery. The hepatic portal vein carries food rich, oxygen poor blood from the intestines to the liver. These two blood flows meet in a central cavity of the liver where they are mixed and drained off into the left and right lobules. These lobules contain hepatocytes and macrophanges. Hepatocytes do the factory work of the liver and are involved in protein and cholesterol synthesis, processing carbohydrates and the manufacture and excretion of bile. Hepatocytes are also engaged in the breakdown and excretion of endogenous toxins that are manufactured by the body as well as exogenous toxins that the body has picked up through the environment. Liver detoxification occurs in large part where dangerous fat freindly toxins carried by cholesterol molecules are broken down into less harmful water soluble toxins that can be eliminated. Macrophages, meaning big eaters, engulf and digest millions of bacteria as well as old red blood cells.


The blood entering the liver from the digestive tract is full of bacteria and toxins and is highly poisonous. Macrophages eat these bacteria to keep them from escaping into the bloodstream. Bile is the waste product of the liver cell. This green liquid contains bile salts that are necessary for proper digestion of fats. Bile is squeezed into the upper intestine by the liver and gall bladder. Small bile canals carry the liver’s waste products away and drain into the bile duct.


 Cholesterol is a calorie rich nutrient that is in the bloodstream to provide fuel for the cells to burn for energy.  The liver regulates the level of cholesterol in the body by making and sending it out when it is needed and taking it in and breaking it down when it is not needed. Since blood is mostly water and fats connot be dissolved in it cholesterol has to be carried to and from the cells by carriers called lipoproteins.  Low density lipoprotein LDL delivers cholesterol to the cells when it is needed and high density lipoprotein HDL returns cholesterol to the liver when there is a surplus. This regulatory system can get overwhelmed when there is a large toxic load, excessive consumption of cholesterol containing foods or a high intake of saturated fats causing the liver to produce a super abundance of cholesterol. This excess cholesterol floats around until it adheres to the walls of blood vessels and gets oxidized. Oxidized low density lipoproteins form the cell plaques of early blood vessel disease. LDL only causes damage to the body in its’ oxidized states.


When the liver gets clogged with fats and toxins, rather than filter out toxins efficiently it allows them to pass through and many of them can wind up in the brain as they circulate throughout the body. When the liver is clogged with fat cholesterol builds up in the bloodstream, oxidizes and destroys your circulatory system. It is necessary to cleanse and flush the liver on a periodic basis so that there is room for it to perform its’ functions of toxin elimination and cholesterol regulation without being overwhelmed by the presence of excess fat and toxins.


  The liver sits on top of the stomach and below the diaphragm. When it becomes engorged with a toxic load it bloats out from under the rib cage and does not benefit from the undulating action of peristalsis and the rhythmic massaging action of the diaphragm. The diaphragm gently pumps the filter we call the liver as we breathe to keep it working properly. A swollen liver is not a filter or factory – it is a fatty toxic sponge. When it is distended it moves out of position causing matters to get progressively worse.  Fortunately it is possible to cleanse the liver.

  Certain ingredients in a good liver cleanse can be combined to work synergistically to burn off and utilize the stored carbohydrates and fats that are clogging the liver in the form of glycogen and cholesterol. They can also stimulate the liver metabolically to breakdown toxins and chelate out heavy metals and dangerous chemicals. It helps also widen the veins and arteries by relaxing them, a process known as vasodilation, to increase blood flow. At the same time if you thin the blood and the interstitial fluids using natural herbal blood thinners and mucus thinners, known as mucolytics we can facilitate toxin elimination. If the formula also contains malic acid it thins the bile as well in order to loosen wastes and backed up bile. Excess bile is stored in the gall bladder and is the basis of stones. It should be flushed regularly as well. If we increase circulation while thinning the blood, bile and interstitial fluids we can create a gentle flushing action.


  It’s important to break down dangerous acetylaldehydes that are a byproduct of alcohol consumption that spill over from the liver and cause hangovers. This happens when there is a breakdown in the oxygen cycle that stimulates detoxification. Every cell in your body produces energy through the ATP oxygen cycle. In fact your body produces twice your weight in ATP every day, constantly burning it and rebuilding it. This is also known as cellular respiration or the citric acid cycle. In aerobic organisms, the citric acid cycle is the chemical conversion of carbohydrates, fats and proteins into carbon dioxide and water to generate usable energy. This metabolic pathway involves the breakdown of carbohydrates resulting in the production of ATP. Certain ingredients can work together to boost ATP production and increase antioxidant activity by enhancing a major player in this cycle - the antioxidant glutathione. A liver cleanse that has superior antioxidant and free radical scavengers that are both hydrophilic and lipophilic will make it a double duty antioxidant and free radical scavenging formula. It is clear that toxin build up in your liver and subsequently in the rest of your body is the result of impaired function brought on by a surplus of starch, cholesterol and toxins. On the other hand the liver is very dynamic, meaning it jumps into action and gets the job done rather quickly when given the opportunity and ingredients that it needs.


   Cholesterol is broken down in the liver.  It also carries hormones as part of its’ role as a facilitator of the endocrine system. When a spent hormone has finished its’ task the cholesterol molecule it is being carried by returns to the liver to get broken down.  The same holds true for phytoestyrogens, which are hormones we take as nutrients to help our body function more efficiently. Maintaining a well functioning liver is important to allow for the continued elimination of these two types of hormones as well as foreign chemicals that attach to cholesterol molecules known as xenoestrogens. Many of the most dangerous cancer causing chemicals are fat soluble and act like as well as look like our hormones actually fooling cells into thinking that they are endogenous hormones. It is a word that not many people are familiar with but are all too familiar with some of the examples of xenoestrogens such as PCB, DDT, industrial pollutants, pesticides, fertilizers, solvents and residues of plastics. These substances bind to cholesterol molecules and travel around your body harassing the reproductive center of your cells in mutagenic and carcinogenic ways. They are filtered out by the liver and broken down into water soluble toxins for excretion. A good liver cleanse helps break down xenoestrogens into less harmful water soluble toxins that are easily eliminated.


   A good liver cleanse will often act as a gall bladder and kidney flush as well. Many are intended to be taken with apple juice because the malic acid in apple juice loosens gall stones from the walls of the gall bladder. An individual interested in effecting a thorough cleanse can expect to be ingesting the proscribed ingredients three or four times a day for a week or more. It is important to clear the digestive tract prior to engaging in a liver and gall bladder cleanse as these two organs empty into the intestines and colon. This will give the excreted wastes a place to empty into and prevent an uncomfortable backup of toxins that we call a detox reaction.


Track 4 – The Oxygen Colon Cleanse & Liver Flush  p. 18-19

  Over the years an oxygen based colon and liver cleanse has evolved through the work of countless practitioners and consists of two stages that take one week in total. On the first two days of the week take an oxygen colon cleanse three times daily on an empty stomach and wait at least an hour before consuming anything else.  On days three through seven continue taking the colon cleanse the same way and take a liver flush three times daily around mealtime.  In total there are seven days for cleaning the digestive tract and five days of liver, kidney and gall bladder flush. Both components involve the oxidation of toxins and supplemental oxygen for cellular metabolism. We call it the Total Oxygen Cleanse.


  The reason for the two day head start on the colon cleanse prior to flushing the liver is to prevent detox. This can create a terrible feeling of malaise commonly known as a detox reaction. Other terms commonly used to refer to this ordeal are Herksheimer reaction, healing crisis or Hoxsey reaction. There is no reason to subject ones self to what can be easily avoided by using oxygen to cleanse the colon and clear the drain prior to cleansing the liver. There are other unpleasant tasting cleansing regimens, and although they are effective, are rough on the system. They can also be complicated and take extended periods of time to complete so that few people have the fortitude to see them all the way through. Compliance is everything. If you don’t finish - it’s not a cleanse. By analogy, you can’t say that you ran a mile if you stop halfway down the block because you’re not having enough fun. The Total Oxygen Cleanse is as easy as it is effective and that’s good clean fun.


Track 5 – Introduction to Insulin, Healthy Weight Loss & Disease Prevention  p. 19-22

  Have you ever wondered why we are all overweight?  Weight gain typically begins in the late twenties to early thirties.  This same weight gain is what leads to diabetes, high blood pressure and hardening of the arteries.  In order to understand why weight gain is almost inevitable in our modern landscape a good place to start is by understanding how the pancreas and liver work together. They provide our body with a well managed flow and balance of calories.  Our culture has gone to great lengths to completely confound this complex mechanism.  It works like this. When there are calories in the bloodstream the pancreas releases the hormone insulin to tell the cells to burn those calories and let the liver know to store the excess calories in the form of starch and fat for later use.  When the calories in the bloodstream are used up the pancreas releases the hormone glucagon to tell the liver to release the stored calories. These are the calories that it has been storing in the form of fat and glycogen that are then sent to the cells so they can continue to burn calories.  When things are working properly the cells never stop burning calories and creating energy. 

  Unfortunately we create an environment in our bodies where there are always calories in the system as well as other conditions that cause the pancreas to constantly be engaged in the process of producing insulin and not glucagon. 


There are a number of reasons for this.  Two of them are: we eat too often and we eat too much.  An abundance of fuel takes longer to burn.  This delays the calorie retrieval system from kicking in.  Constantly supplying fuel as in snacking between meals and before bed also prevents the calorie retrieval system from engaging.  Processed foods take longer to digest because they have had valuable enzymes and nutrients taken out to improve shelf life.  This further spreads out the length of time where the body is burning calories being supplied instead of retrieving calories that have been stored.  Sugar laden foods cause blood sugar levels to spike and the pancreas must respond by cranking out more insulin.  Remember the second job of insulin after telling the cells to burn calories is to tell the liver to store calories in the form of fat.  There is short term storage of fat in the liver and abdominal area and long term storage in your adipose tissue like the hips and rear end.  A constant supply of calories and insulin production translates into a constant formation and accumulation of fat.


    We have been hard wired for self preservation.  When faced with a threat we choose to fight or flee.  When this happens the body releases adrenalin and cortisol.  Cortisol causes a rapid rise in blood sugar and insulin levels to provide the energy for rapid response.  Traditionally these stressful episodes would happen infrequently and last for a minute or two. Today we experience stress all day every day.  In addition to eating too much of poor quality, sugary, fatty foods too often, the experience of stress also causes the pancreas to be in constant mode of insulin production.  In fact it is always in overdrive and it never gets to rest.  Consequently your cells are constantly being told to eat and your liver is continuously being told to form fat and not retrieve it. Is it any wonder why everyone is overweight?  This situation gets worse.  Eventually the cells lose their sensitivity to the chronic message from insulin to eat.  When cells stop responding to this command it is called insulin resistance.  When cells stop eating even more sugar builds up in the bloodstream causing the pancreas to produce even more insulin.  During a regular check-up blood work will show high blood sugar. The doctor will recommend what? More insulin!


    When cells become insulin resistant they stop burning calories from external sources but they do not stop producing energy.  They turn inward and burn their own cytoplasm.  Muscles need and burn the most energy. Consequently this tremendous excess of insulin leads to a loss of lean muscle mass and an accumulation of fat.  This is the very definition of the aging process and the onset of degenerative diseases.  When cells stop burning the calories that are in the bloodstream those calories float around and become rancid.  That means they eventually get oxidized. Oxidized fats in the bloodstream are called free radicals. They are incredibly destructive to healthy tissue.  For instance they burn little holes in the lining of your arteries that your body patches up with plaque.  This creates the conditions for high blood pressure, heart disease and hardening of the arteries. 

  Over a period of years the constant, chronic demand for the overproduction of insulin wears the pancreas out.  It simply cannot keep up with the demands created by these unnatural circumstances.  As the damaged pancreas falters, blood sugar rises and insulin must be supplemented.  This is known as adult onset Type II Diabetes.  It afflicts nearly 10% of adult Americans but in reality we all exhibit the symptoms related to the early stages of it as evidenced by the fact that 64% of all Americans are obese or overweight.


Track 6 – Turning it Around Naturally p. 22-25

  In order to lose weight and prevent degenerative disease you need to give your pancreas a break.  First, it is important to view excess weight as a symptom of the unhealthy combination of excess insulin caused by chronically elevated blood sugar levels.  The most direct way to correct this is to lower blood sugar to the point where the pancreas switches to the production of glucagon.  This will give the pancreas a break and trigger the fat retrieval mechanism causing the body to burn fat and stored calories.  It is important to reduce stress and lower cortisol levels.  It is also desirable to increase the calorie burning of the cells and help to repair the pancreas.  Remember that insulin resistant cells have stopped burning calories supplied by the bloodstream. Insulin resistance needs to be reversed. These measures should be accompanied moderating food intake, improving the quality of what we ingest and blocking sugar, fat and carbs while suppressing appetite and reducing cravings.  This laundry list sounds like an insurmountable task.  Fortunately, there are a number of natural substances that can accomplish most of the important aspects of this all important task. This process can be accelerated by first initiating a thorough cleanse of the intestines and colon to prevent leeching of accumulated foodstuffs.

  With the right combination of ingredients it is possible to scientifically engineer a formula that reverses the conditions that lead to weight gain, pancreatic failure and the onset of degenerative diseases.  It should be designed to give your pancreas a break by lowering blood sugar levels to the point where your calorie retrieval system kicks in.     


The goal can be met to lower your blood sugar a number of times a day to a level that causes the calorie/fat retrieval system powered by glucagon to kick in, burn those stored calories we call fat and give your pancreas a break. There are fancy terms for this like lipolysis and thermogenesis but it is as fundamental a flipside to metabolism as exhaling is to inhaling.  Yet we ignore it.  So, we get fat, then we get sick and then we die prematurely.

  Metabolism is a complex system and there are several pieces to the puzzle.  It is important to address as many of the dysfunctional aspects of it that cause weight gain and eventually degenerative diseases simultaneously to remedy the situation. There are a  whole host of natural substance that have been touted as miracle weight loss panaceas many of which were effective to a degree at bringing about weight loss.  The promoters of these hyped up products missed something in their pursuit of a making a quick buck. 


Many of these all natural products have terrific properties that improve overall health and contribute to balancing a metabolism that is spinning out of control.  The real goal should be to restore proper metabolic function thereby assuring long term health and the weight loss will naturally follow.  A brief overview of some of the properties of a few of the more familiar ones will help to illustrate the situation.


   Topping the list of well known ingredients is chromium which is a widely used weight loss supplement known for its ability to aid insulin in the transport of blood sugar into the cells so that calories can be burned.  This helps reduce insulin resistance.  It is also believed to increase serotonin levels thereby reducing appetite.  Black tea extract lowers cortisol levels thus reducing blood sugar and unnecessary insulin demands placed on the pancreas.  Sugar is second to stess induced cortisol when it comes to runaway insulin and and blood sugar levels that throw off the proper function of the metabolism. 


Gymnema Sylvestre, an Indian vine, destroys excess sugar in the body and helps restore the pancreas by regenerating and repairing beta cells.  These two properties help it to reduce blood sugar levels and normalize glucose metabolism.  It also increases glucose utilization by the cells and blocks the adrenaline produced by stress from causing the liver to produce more glucose.  Gymnema is well known for lowering blood sugar and triglycerides, fighting insulin resistant weight gain and reducing cravings for sweets.  White kidney bean acts as a starch blocker and reduces the blood sugar spike that occurs after consuming carbohydrates.  It does this by inhibiting the digestive enzyme alpha amylase allowing carbs to pass right through the body instead of being converted into fat forming sugars. 


Beta Sitosterol, a phytosterol or plant derived oil binds cholesterol in the intestines so that it passes right through the digestive tract and is excreted.  Beta S also blocks uptake of cholesterol into the bloodstream and prevents an enzyme in the liver from converting glucose into cholesterol.  Grapefruit pectin is a fiber derived from the white part of the peel.  It lowers cholesterol and reduces plaque formation in the veins and arteries.  It also inhibits carbohydrates from entering the bloodstream and thereby lowers insulin secretion.  Green Tea extract suppresses appetite and causes the body to burn fat.  It is the catechins in Green Tea extract that causes the thermogenesis and not caffeine.  In fact, good Green Tea extract has reduced caffeine sometimes less than 2%.  The catechins in Green Tea are more powerful than Vitamins C and E at reducing free radical damage by lowering LDL cholesterol and not allowing it to oxidize.


  When used in combination these ingredients can create an environment that allows your metabolism to function the way it should.  In any given day there should be periods where your body is burning and storing calories from the food you eat and periods where the body is retrieving and burning stored calories.  This provides a healthy environment for your liver and pancreas while giving them a break and allowing the body’s fat retrieval and calorie burning mechanisms to reduce weight.  These conditions also help cells burn more calories and reduce insulin resistance allowing for all natural weight loss.  It helps to naturally block the entry of sugar, fat and carbohydrates into the bloodstream.  It reduces appetite and cravings for sweets.  It lowers cholesterol, free radicals, cortisol levels and triglycerides.  It helps to rebuild the pancreas, burn body fat and reverse insulin resistance.


Track 7 – Fat is Food - Burn It p. 25-29

  Any discussion of weight loss must include an explanation of the cause of weight gain.  Also there are two parts to any solution to most problems, the abatement and remediation.  First you need to stop what is causing the problem and then you need to repair the damage that has occurred. Where weight control is concerned the problem is body fat and the abatement is the removal of that fat from the body.  We can stop gaining weight by changing the food choices, behaviors and conditions that cause the body to accumulate the adipose tissue or fat.  The body is a complex electro chemical organism that is powered by the burning of calories.  Fat is essentially stored calories.  A calorie is defined as the amount of heat required to raise one gram of water one degree Celsius at room temperature. Each gram of fat when burned produces nine calories.  Since fat releases far more calories per gram than carbohydrate or protein, it is essentially an efficient way for the body to store its energy reserves.  Our body fat for better or worse is the basic fuel storage and survival mechanism of a well designed organism.  What follows is a discussion of how progress has produced some undesirable side effects that we need to recognize and address in order to lose weight, become fit and trim and possibly prevent some of the life threatening, degenerative diseases that have grown to epidemic proportions as a result of modern living.


Rethinking the Problem

  Typically we gain weight when our metabolism slows.  Very few people realize that this happens because our cells have become insulin resistant.  This condition has gained tremendous interest among researchers of late.  Cellular insulin resistance and the resulting fat formation is the beginning of the aging process. It also heralds the onset of adult type II diabetes and the conditions necessary for atherosclerosis, cardiovascular and heart disease.


  A good meal is a lean meat or other protein with potatoes, grain or pasta and some type of vegetable.  This is the diet that most of us grew up on.  It is a simple combination of fat and protein with a starchy carbohydrate and a fibrous carbohydrate.   This type of meal is very gentle on your blood sugar control system.  The starchy carbohydrate, the fibrous carbohydrate, the protein and the fat are digested at different rates and in doing so in their turn raise blood sugar levels gradually causing the pancreas to produce insulin.  The pancreas releases insulin in response to elevated blood sugar levels to instruct the cells to open their doors to the nutrient bath.  Inside the cell these calories are burned and the blood sugar is turned to heat.  At some point the blood sugar level drops and less insulin is needed so the pancreas allows insulin levels to drop yet your body is still looking for calories to continue making energy.  At this point your pancreas releases the other hormone glucagon that causes the liver to release stored fat from the it’s store of short term fat reserves providing calories for the cells to burn until it is time to eat again.  When this happens your bloodstream stops transporting fat from the bloodstream to storage sites within the body and begins the process of retrieving fat and other stored calories from storage points back to the cells to be burned for energy.


The ABC’s of Insulin

  When insulin is released into the bloodstream in response to elevated blood sugar levels, it is charged with the responsibility of removing blood sugar and has three ways of removing the sugar from the blood and a very specific set of priorities as to the order in which it does so.  The newly released insulin’s primary objective is to instruct the cells to open their doors to the calorie rich mixture.  If blood sugar levels are not returned to normal levels within a period of time the insulin begins to convert the blood sugar to fat and glycogen for storage in the liver as a short term energy reserve.  If blood sugar levels continue to be elevated insulin will continue to convert the excess blood sugar to fat for long term storage in the form of adipose tissue also known as body fat.  These three functions are essentially what insulin does.  It is important to point out that two of insulin’s primary functions are to convert sugar into fat.  Insulin forms fat.


Our Traditional Diet

  The meal method of food consumption practiced by our parents and grandparents consisted of whole unadulterated foods consumed at meals spread out through the day.  There was little or no consumption of food between meals.  This allowed blood sugar to rise slowly as first the fat and sugar content of the meal was burnt, then the starchy carbohydrate and protein which take longer to digest were burned then finally the fibrous carbohydrates or vegetables were burned before glucagon was released to retrieve calories stored in the liver and tissue before another meal was consumed.  This provided for a reasonably even level of blood sugar and the deployment of both insulin and glucagon.  The changes in how, when and what we eat have caused an aggravation to our blood sugar control system that has triggered disruptive and destructive effects on several critical body systems as well as our health and vitality.


  Traditionally our intake of calories occurred two to four times daily, took ten to twenty minutes to accomplish and consisted of a balance of the three food groups from all natural sources.  There was ample time for food that was introduced to be digested and burned and an additional period of calorie demand during which the body burned calories from its stores before the next calorie replenishment or meal.  During these daily cycles the pancreas stopped making insulin at several points in the day and insulin levels dropped in the bloodstream so that the insulin receptors of the cells had an opportunity to close.  These daily periods of calorie demand give insulin production cells in the pancreas, the alpha sites, a rest from producing insulin and the cell sentinels or receptors a break from receiving the open signal - allowing them to close.  Conversely the other production sites, the beta cells in the pancreas, are given an opportunity to produce glucagon and the cells of the body, particularly the calorie burning muscle cells, switch from being fed to looking for food.  This periodic switch to calorie demand allows the bloodstream to stop carrying calories in the form of fat to storage sites in the liver and body fat and go and retrieve some of those calories in the form of fat for the muscles to burn until the body gets a chance to digest its next meal.  These varying periods of calorie supply and calorie depletion create a balanced cycle.


Track 8 – Modern Living, Modern Foods p.29-32

  Our centuries old dietary pattern has been altered by modern living.  Today there are more processed foods and we eat between meals.  Breads, pastas and baked treats are made from processed grains and snacking has become a worldwide phenomenon.  If we were to view these behavioral and dietary changes from the standpoint of the blood sugar control system, we would be shocked at how thoroughly these behavioral and dietary changes have disrupted the sugar and insulin levels in the blood.


  All of the processed carbohydrates we consume have one thing in common, they are made from flour.  With sufficient grinding any grain can be reduced to flour, combined with whatever other ingredients a recipe calls for and then cooked to produce the desired finished product.  A majority of the flours that are the basis of the finished processed goods that we consume are not made from the whole grain.  This is done to increase shelf life of the flour and give the finished product a uniform nature that has predictable and consistent properties.  When the grain is ground the bran, germ and middling are removed from the whole grain.  These are useful and valuable byproducts for the milliners to sell to the pharmaceutical, nutritional and animal husbandry industries to be used as nutrients.  Once the majority of nutrients are removed the finished product it is sold to the food service industry to be fed to humans.  Consequently your body is deprived of valuable nutrients that it would have received had the flour been made from a whole grain. What this means to your pancreas and blood sugar control system is that what began as a complex starchy carbohydrate has been reduced to a simpler chain carbohydrate that is more similar to sugars and is easily and quickly digested.  The result of removing the germ and the bran from a grain prior to bleaching it causes the finished product to be more readily and rapidly turned to sugar, raising blood sugar levels to a higher point at a faster rate than would happen if the whole grain were consumed.  This in turn causes the pancreas to release more insulin in a shorter time at a faster rate from the time of ingestion creating higher blood insulin levels at an earlier time after eating.  Processed grains create an insulin level spike.


  As with carbohydrates the traditional sources of fats and oils in our diet came from natural sources.  The fats were in meats and dairy products, baked goods used lard and our oils were from pressed seeds. Today, the lard has been replaced by hydrogenated shortening and our oils are refined after the seeds are pressed as well as other chemical extraction processes.  This refining process consists of removing the essential fatty acids and enzymes that help our body digest and utilize our consumed fats as vital nutrients.  As with flours the reason for this refining is to increase shelf life, facilitate mass production and provide a uniform finished product.  The terminology surrounding fat metabolism is so complex and confusing that few people, professionals included, have a firm grip on the big picture of the workings of the entire system.


  When we compare our traditional diet to the modern one, the quantity of fats that we consume has risen dramatically.  We are eating a greater quantity of prepared foods that contain low quality fats that are difficult to digest.  We are consuming more of lower quality hard to digest fats.  This requires more time and effort from the blood sugar control system and is taxing to the effectiveness of the bloodstream as well.


  In order to isolate and illustrate this simple dynamic occurring in a complex system it is useful to paint with a broad brush.  This way a simple point can be made without getting lost in all of the scientific detail. Our objective is to put into perspective the impact dietary fat changes have had on the pancreas and blood insulin levels. The term cholesterol is often used interchangeably with fat.   As stated earlier, high blood sugar levels result in high insulin levels.  Insulin instructs the cells to open and accept a nutrient bath.  Part of that nutrient bath is cholesterol. Cholesterol is an important component in the cell membrane.  If there is too little cholesterol in the cell membrane it becomes porous and the cell will lose its’ structural integrity, too much cholesterol and the cell membrane becomes rigid and unable to function.  When insulin levels are elevated and the cell doors are open LDL, a protein in the blood that carries fat, brings fat/cholesterol from storage points in the body. It gets this fat from the liver, where fat/cholesterol is stored and manufactured, and brings it to the cells for deployment as a vital component of cellular structure and an efficient fuel.  When there is excess sugar in the blood HDL, a protein in the blood that carries fat, transports fat to the liver for storage and disposal.


  Remember that the slowing of the metabolism and subsequent weight gain that nearly every person encounters at some point as they age is the result of insulin intolerance of the cells.  The doors of the cell don’t open to accept the nutrient bath when being instructed to do so by insulin from the pancreas.  When there are fats that are difficult to digest being carried to the cells by the LDL and the cells refuse to accept it, eventually the LDL gives up and drops or deposits the fat.  It deposits it in the circulatory system where it blocks and clogs the veins and arteries.  Apparently HDL has a fat dumping permit with the liver and adipose tissue but LDL has to litter.  For this LDL is known as the bad cholesterol.  It would do its job and deliver the fat to the cells but the door is closed because the cells receptors have become insulin intolerant from chronic and critical exposure to this hormonal insulin stimulus without reprieve.


  The cascade reaction of aging and deterioration that sets in when LDL drops the fat because the cells became uncooperative is a snowball effect.  It is shocking when you realize that obesity, adult onset diabetes, atherosclerosis, heart disease, high blood pressure and stroke are all caused by cellular intolerance to insulin brought on by changes in our dietary choices and habits.  Insulin resistance at the cellular level brings about dangerously elevated levels of insulin in the blood creating a condition called hyperinsulinemia.  Hyper elevated levels of insulin in the blood are the beginning of the end.


Track 9 – Sugar, Snacking & Dieting p. 32-36

  As our dietary schedules have changed so have our palettes.  The appetite for sweets has increased.  Sugar in its various forms is found in many foods particularly snack foods and beverages.  Sugar is in baked goods, in condiments and in cereals.  There is sugar in fruits, juices, soft drinks, alcohol and we even sweeten our coffee and tea.  Sugar in its various forms is nothing more than a very short chain carbohydrate that digests rapidly and raises blood sugar and insulin precipitously shortly after consumption.  When sugar is added to a normal regimen of food intake as in the form of a dessert added to a balanced meal the incremental demand for insulin resulting from the elevation or spike in blood sugar crated by that much glucose being formed that rapidly throws the blood sugar control system into overdrive.  The pancreas has to crank out a lot of insulin to counter that much blood sugar. Sugar has the added disadvantage of being habit forming.  The more sugar you consume the more you crave.  A well fed sugar habit has the effect of asking the pancreas to run flat out and see how long it can run at full speed until it overheats and brakes down. 


The resulting insulin bombardment or deluge dulls the receptivity of the receptors of the cells and confounds cellular metabolism.  This is a progressive intolerance as more and more insulin is required to get the cell to respond.  Consequently blood sugar levels aggregate to very high levels while there is also unusually high levels of insulin.  Since insulin has a three priority marching order mandate and option one - open the cell door, is not having success at lowering blood sugar it reverts to plans B and C. These plans provide instructions for fat formation in the liver for short term storage and fat formation for long term adipose tissue storage.  This process performed day in and day out all day every day for years wears out the pancreas and dulls the receptors of the cells insulin receptors and perpetuates a process of fat formation.



    As we stated earlier the traditional process of calorie consumption involved consuming moderate amounts of food at specific points in the day.  These points, known as meals, were separated by periods of time.  During those calorie intake interims, the time between meals, the blood sugar control system ran through a complete cycle. 


During that cycle blood sugar levels rose as food was digested increasing insulin levels.  Then there was a period during which the blood sugar fell and insulin levels dropped below their benchmark median.  During the period when blood sugar is dropping the pancreas releases glucagon and the blood sugar control system retrieves fat from its stores in the liver and body fat.  With our modern habits and diets these period of fat retrieval are fewer and further between.  Aside from liposuction the only way to get rid of fat from your body is to create the metabolic circumstances where your pancreas releases glucagon to instruct your fat stores to be released into the blood stream and head to the cells to be burnt for energy.

  Today due to sedentary lifestyles, refrigeration and merchandising we are always just an arms length away from something to ingest.  We are encouraged to enjoy treats in addition to our regular meals by an advertising phalanx that is as constant and pervasive as it is enormous.  We increasingly consume foods and beverages in between meals. 


This practice is known as snacking.  Snack foods are usually high in fats and sugars. So, not only do we interrupt our blood sugar cycle with an untimely insulin demand we do it with the foods that require the most insulin.  The net effect is to produce blood sugar and insulin levels that are considerably inflated from the norm as well as diminish or completely preempt the fat retrieval portion of that blood sugar cycle and possibly the next while creating a blood sugar environment that contributes to fat formation.  This is a recipe for weight gain. Snacking also causes the pancreas to produce insulin at a time when it should be having a break from its efforts.  It also results in the cells receiving an insulin message at time that is inappropriate with respect to their metabolism and conflicts, confounds and dulls the receptivity of those sites requiring more insulin next time before responding.



  One cruel irony of cellular insulin intolerance is that even though the bloodstream is full of a glucose laden nutrient bath the cell receptors are too deafened to the insulin signal to respond and the cell is forced to revert to consuming its internal inventory of fuel to maintain its metabolism. So our modern diet brings about a blood stream that is full of insulin and glucose with nothing to do but turn it to fat while our cells, particularly the muscle cells, the ones that burn the most calories, are forced to cannibalize themselves.  The cells become insulin resistant, burn their own cytoplasm for energy and then we get fat and then we get fatter.


  Typically, our response to this is to diet.  Our contemporary understanding of the term diet is one where a person doesn’t eat.  This can be referred to as calorie deprivation.  An interesting but unsurprising thing happens to cells that are subjected to chronic or extended periods of calorie deprivation.  Once the blood sugar drops to a certain point and the fat and sugar subsidies provided by the liver and adipose tissue are expended for the time being, the cells, which have a continuous need to create energy begin to burn their own storehouse of calories including the proteins of which they’re built or constructed. When you lose muscle you decrease your body’s ability or potential to burn fat.  That is providing it ever it gets the opportunity.  Dieting by food deprivation does not work.  It is proven not to work.  There is a 97% failure rate. 


In fact dieting can make you fatter because you lose muscle mass when you starve yourself.  Your body needs balanced meals that do not violently disrupt the blood sugar and insulin levels spread out across points in the day so that periods of blood sugar demand occur a few times a day.  This allows the pancreas to get a break, insulin levels to drop and provide the body the opportunity to retrieve and burn the stored fat from the liver and adipose tissue for metabolism.  Making sure that your body gets that opportunity is no small chore but nonetheless a necessary goal.  That is if we don’t want to get fat.  If you weigh more than you want to chances are your body is not getting that opportunity often enough.


Track 10 – Stress & The Pancreas p. 36-38

  The twenty first century finds us doing more, getting more done and having more things to do in the same twenty four hour day as ever.  When this more to do goes smoothly, as it so infrequently does, it is a challenge to order our tasks in a way that is feasible to accomplish everything.  When things aren’t going well or when the daily demands for our time don’t go smoothly or add up evenly we experience stress.  Your body has mechanisms for reacting to stress that are regulated by hormones produced and released by the pituitary gland. In addition to the fight or flight adrenalines, cortisol is added to the blood stream when a person is subjected to stress.


  Cortisol’s effect on the blood sugar control system and overall metabolism is disastrous.  Cortisol does three things.  It causes the pancreas to release insulin and instructs the liver to release fat and sugar into the bloodstream. This elevates sugar and insulin levels and decreases the rate of glucose utilization of the cells responsible for maintaining metabolism to direct the energy to the muscles to fuel the fight or flight response to stress. This is how cortisol causes protein catabolism.  In simplified language protein is muscle and catabolism means break down or burn.  Stress tears down your muscles.  It helps to destroy your calorie burning tissue.  Traditionally the presence of cortisol was accompanied by immediate physical activity.  Today it does not but we still get protein catabolism.


  We have just described how modern living has altered our diet and eating habits in a way that results in conditions for fat formation including  insulin resistance at the cellular level with insulin and blood sugar levels constantly jacked up well beyond a healthy range then our contemporary menace - stress gives us cortisol. It is a hormone that causes the cells to stop burning sugar, tears down calorie burning muscle and causes the liver to dump fat and sugar into the bloodstream and insulin levels to spike. This gives the pancreas the opportunity to manufacture even more insulin to metabolize the calories being rushed into the bloodstream by the liver.  Right at the time that it appeared that our metabolism is set on self destruct because of our diet stress exacerbates the situation and seals the fate for a majority of adult Americans.  Without taking the appropriate steps to remedy an out of control blood sugar control system and cut cortisol we are consigning ourselves to being overweight, diabetic and at a much greater risk of developing a degenerative disease.  Welcome to your future.


Sometimes you have to ask - what did your pancreas ever do to you?  If you asked your heart to do what you ask your pancreas to do every day it would pop.  The combination of processed carbohydrates and  an assortment of bad fats and cholesterol simultaneously both aggravated by snacking, plus blood sugar spikes caused by sweets give it no reprieve or time to return to its’ natural cycle. Then along comes stress and further pushes up blood sugar and insulin levels!  It’s the heart equivalent of taking off in a dead run and running faster and faster until you collapse.


  The aggravations caused to the blood sugar control system by snacking, sugar, bad fats and nutrition free carbohydrates create an environment where there is constantly elevated insulin and blood sugar levels - hyperinsulinemia. The insulin that is produced by the pancreas to correct the high sugar is decreasingly effective at instructing the cells to open and burn the blood sugar precisely because there is too much of it – insulin resistance.  This requires the pancreas to manufacture even more insulin to get the job done. Under these conditions two very undesirable things happen.  The excess insulin converts the surplus blood sugar to fat for storage in the liver and your abdominal area.  While this is happening, your calorie burning cells are cannibalizing themselves for fuel reducing your body’s capacity to burn calories in the future. As this degenerative process advances these conditions get progressively worse and the aggravation is amplified as the condition progresses.


Remember high blood sugar and high insulin coupled with cellular insulin intolerance is fat forming and results in protein catabolism or the tearing down of muscle tissue.  When stress is introduced to this situation it causes the pituitary to release cortisol that makes the liver raise blood sugar and fat levels so that the pancreas has to emit even more insulin.  Cortisol also causes the cells to stop burning glucose causing protein catabolism or the cannibalization of our calorie burning cells the muscles.  Nothing could be more aggravating to a hyper aggravated system than when stress is added to a blood sugar control system confounded by the typical 21st century lifestyle.  The result is that our lean muscle mass slowly turns to fat.  This is the definition of the aging process and undesired weight gain is the first sign of that aging process.


Track 11 – Oxygen Basics p. 38-40

  The cause of most illnesses and loss of vitality can ultimately be traced back to a lack of oxygen and internal cleanliness. Unless we consume plentiful amounts of oxygen and minerals on a daily basis, none of our normal body maintenance, repair, or immune processes will function correctly. It takes oxygen to run your metabolism. Without plenty of oxygen, we cannot completely eliminate the body's waste. Through daily intake of supplemental oxygen and minerals we can maintain vitality. Supplementation can  provide a broad spectrum of basic missing vital ingredients necessary for the body to easily and naturally recharge its energy reservoirs. It also aids in digesting food properly, rebuilding the immune system, repairing tissues, and putting the body in a position to readily overcome any disease or injury. This is accomplished by supplying essential immune ingredients commonly missing from our daily diets.


From our first breath taken at birth having enough oxygen is the most vital factor in our lives. Our environment's ability to provide enough clean oxygen is now severely compromised due to diets of processed foods that lack oxygen, stress, polluted air and water as well as sedentary lifestyles. When we are not in the controlled environment of our homes, we are in a car in traffic, at an office or store and it seems, anywhere but outdoors in nature. Lack of oxygen within the body is dangerous since the vast majority of disease causing bacteria, viruses, fungi, and other harmful microbes that harm our bodies thrive best in low oxygen conditions. They are anaerobic. Lack of oxygen is known as hypoxia. Anaerobic disease causing microbes cannot exist well in aerobic oxygenated bodies. Your body uses oxygen to oxidize microbes and accumulated waste.


   In order to be healthy, the body must have plenty of oxygen to engulf and eliminate pathogens and oxidize toxins. Active oxygen eliminates anaerobes as well as pollution. Both are believed to be the primary cause of most disease.  Liquid oxygen drops mixed into water react with the acid environment of the stomach to release oxygen through the rich capillary network of the stomach wall to deliver oxygen to the individual cells of the body. Because of it's ability to speed up the digestive process, oxygen aids in an individuals getting more mileage out of the food they consume and at the same time, reduce the toxicity in the blood stream. It has antitoxic, antiviral and antibacterial properties and creates an environment in which harmful bacteria and viruses can no longer thrive. Oxygen is essential for the body to maintain and produce its own vitamins, catalysts and enzymes, thus helping the body to function more efficiently while removing waste materials.


With the proper elementals, the body can repair itself, naturally. It also enhances the natural vital force in the body. Many scientists agree that most disease and infection are caused by oxygen starvation at the cellular level.  It helps to generate more oxygen and assist your body in achieving optimum health and longevity. Oxygen also inhibits infectious bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites. With prolonged use of liquid oxygen drops the energy potential in the body is increased and the natural mechanisms of waste removal move into a higher gear to get toxins out of the body.


Track 12 – The Stabilized Oxygen Story p. 40-43

   During the course of man's history there have been scientific discoveries contributing significantly to human health. Such a discovery is the process of making stabilized electrolytes of oxygen. Stabilized Oxygen is a product often confused with Hydrogen Peroxide but vastly different in its mode of action, variety of uses and safety. It was designed to destroy any known and unknown micro-organisms with a minimum dose, yet maintain its safety to the host. Over the years it has been formulated into products. S.O. was originally incorporated into various health formulas because it is non-toxic and provides an alternative to toxic chemical preservatives in aloe vera health aids, skin care products and in foods and beverages. It is now marketed as a bactericide, an oxygenating health supplement and a water disinfectant.


  It is safe. Unlike its distant relative, H2O2, all research and patient trials conducted reveal no problems with prolonged usage of S.O.  It works by putting substantial amounts of molecular oxygen into the blood plasma. This reaction is triggered when the alkaline S.O. with a pH of 12.5 comes into contact with the strong acids found in the stomach which has a pH of 3.   Then it becomes highly unstable and breaks down immediately. S.O. is helpful in many ways besides its obvious anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties. For example, a few drops can be added to contaminated water and left to stand for 24 hours to completely neutralize any potentially harmful water-borne pathogens that may be present. You can imagine how beneficial this is for anyone traveling to third world countries. Stabilized Oxygen's uses in clinical practice offer a new tool to the practitioner wanting to accelerate the results of herbal, vitamin, enzyme and mineral supplements, while providing an outstanding prophylactic to the general public against infectious disease. Typically the areas of highest efficacy are in the treatment of colds, Candida, the flu, low grade chest infections, colds, Asthma and Eczema.


  Stabilized Oxygen is listed as stabilized electrolytes of oxygen, so it makes good sense to explain what an electrolyte is. An electrolyte is any substance that dissolves in water and conducts electricity. When an electrolyte dissolves, it releases an equal number of negatively charged and positively charged atoms called ions. The two most common electrolytes in human blood plasma and body fluids are sodium and chlorine. The body fluid balance is extremely important to life and health, and electrolytes play a key role in maintaining that natural balance. Physiologists know that where sodium goes, water soon follows. If the concentration of sodium in the plasma goes down, the volume of blood fluid goes down.  The balance of oppositely charged particles - positive ions to negative ions - is what determines acidity or alkalinity or pH. All water solutions contain both hydrogen ions which are positive and hydroxyl, one hydrogen and one oxygen, ions which are negatively charged.  A pH of 7 means there is an equal number of these ions present so that the solution is neither alkaline nor acid. As hydrogen goes up, oxygen goes down. The pH of stabilized oxygen is between 12.6 and 13 - it is very alkaline, which is one reason why the oxygen has excellent stability. 


Stabilized Oxygen is a high concentrate of oxygen - oxygen in the molecular form. Just like the oxygen that is breathed from the atmosphere through the lungs, changed to oxygen molecules and deposited in the blood. In this form the oxygen molecules move from the blood to the iron atoms on the red blood cells and then to the cells of the body. Science is not certain what role ferromagnetism plays in oxygen's affinity for the iron in the red blood cell, but there is little doubt that permanent magnetism as well as electromagnetism plays a role.  The correct source of energy for all cells in the body is oxygen. Stabilized Oxygen actually puts oxygen in the blood without the process of breathing. It cannot over-oxidize the cells because the iron atoms on the red cells can only release the amount of oxygen which the cells can use. When taken orally Stabilized Oxygen is non-toxic.


  To understand the real value of the oxygen in Stabilized Oxygen, one must understand the effect of oxygen on each type of bacteria. There are innumerable bacteria represented in each type. Aerobic bacteria are the friendly bacteria - the beneficial bacteria of the soil, the earth, the water, the food, and the body. Aerobic bacteria are the normal flora of the body and cannot survive without the presence of oxygen. Anaerobic bacteria are the disease, infectious, putrefying and contamination bacteria of the earth in water, food and in the body. Anaerobic bacteria cannot survive in the presence of oxygen. However, there are anaerobic bacteria which can live in both aerobic and anaerobic conditions, but they are not disease and infectious bacteria. They could be part of the normal flora of the skin and of the bowel.


Track 13 – Oxygen & The Blood p.43-47

  Oxygen kills anaerobic bacteria because these micro organisms possess an electrical charge. An oxygen molecule is short an electron on its outer orbit. Build up the oxygen in the blood and the oxygen molecule will seek out the infectious or putrefying bacteria and pull the electron it needs away from the outer protective membrane of the micro organism and pops it like a balloon. This is known as cell lysing. The result is a dead bacteria.


Science has yet to discover an anaerobic disease, infectious or putrefying bacteria that Stabilized Oxygen does not kill. It is the only non-toxic virtually tasteless product known that will kill these harmful bacteria in a person's body without killing the beneficial bacteria. In fact, stabilized oxygen actually stimulates the growth and development of the normal flora since they require oxygen. Bio magnetic mineral oxide is a more technical name for the nontoxic stabilized electrolytes of oxygen in molecular form. In addition to a host of other organisms they are effective against salmonella, cholera, E. coli and staph in small concentrations in a glass of water in just minutes.


All of these are common water born pathogens which cause the majority of the acute gastrointestinal illnesses and are responsible for deaths of a large number of children in many countries where untreated water is used. It can be used as a spray on foods that are easily contaminated with bacteria, such as fish, chicken and produce. It is effective for spraying on food work tables to retard bacterial growth. Stabilized Oxygen treatment can be used effectively to treat contaminated water. The amount of material needed to effectively destroy all pathogens is dependent on the amount of organic matter found in the water and also on the total amount of bacteria present.


   Much in the way that other dietary vitamin and mineral supplements enhance different body functions, Stabilized Oxygen can act as a supplement to the body's total function by adding oxidative potential. Since its action occurs at a fundamental cellular level, it can assist the body to fight a variety of infectious agents. Research has determined that it may also act as a very effective scavenger of toxic free radicals from environmental sources or those that are normally produced within the body itself. Oxygen deficiency, or oxygen starvation, can be the single greatest cause of disease. Oxygen plays a critical role in the proper functioning of the immune system. It is the source of life and energy to all cells. Bodily abuse through eating and drinking habits including pollutants and toxic preservatives in our water and food, air pollution, use of drugs and lack of exercise can greatly reduce the amount of oxygen available to the cells.


  When there is insufficient oxygen to support the health of a cell, the cell turns to another source of energy, usually sugar fermentation. This is an undesirable source of energy which upsets the metabolism of the cell. It causes the cell to start manufacturing improper chemicals, and soon a whole group of cells is unhealthy and weak. They lose their natural immune ability. They open their doors to the invasion of viruses, for a virus can only develop within a cell and they invade weaker cells. Thus development of a shortage of oxygen in the blood could very well be the starting point for the loss of the immune system and the beginning of the most feared health problems.  Once you are in an oxygen depleted state, you may suffer from toxic headaches, swollen lymph glands and nodes, migraine headaches occur at this early stage and signal the beginning of the breakdown of the immune system.


  What compounds these problems in the body is oxygen deprivation and lack of antioxidants such as Vitamins C, E, CoQ-10 and Selenium. Eating processed foods that are deficient in oxygen and nutrients causes the oxygen to be depleted in the blood stream as the body builds up lactic acid, the acid of fatigue and sore muscles or acidosis. Antioxidants help to restore oxygen and put it to work as does iron, which is an oxygen transporter, to keep the lactic acid level low, these problems can all benefit from using Stabilized Oxygen drops in water. Stabilized Oxygen seems to greatly enhance the effectiveness of other remedies such as homeopathic remedies, herbs and nutritional remedies.


  Anyone who has ever seen before and after pictures of their blood on a dark field microscope prior to and just minutes after drinking water with oxygen drops will tell you what a profound and immediate effect it has.  Red blood cells have a tendency to stack lake a roll of pennies or magnets in tired blood.  When they are locked together like this they are unable to transport nutrients and oxygen.  It is known as the Rouleaux effect and liquid oxygen reverses this rapidly. Because of its oxygenating properties, S.O. is an ideal anticoagulant in much the same way as vitamin E is. Its’ increased efficiency at removal of free radicals is interesting in light of the contemporary theories attributing the cause of disease and the debilitating aspects of aging and onset of tumors to excessive levels of free radicals.


The source of the free radicals may be environmental or metabolic. Toxic free radicals are harmful free electrons that can join with other atoms producing reactions that are harmful to the body. Leading researchers also concur on the theory that toxic free radicals may be responsible for a vast range of human ailments. S.O. significantly improves the efficiency of the peroxidase enzymes in the leukocytes and has been shown to increase the activity of these enzymes.  Leukocytes are cells of the immune system that defend the body against both infectious disease and foreign materials. There are two interesting outcomes of increased activity of these enzymes. The first is that the immune system may be directly enhanced by the increased rate of oxidation of foreign material by the leukocytes.


The second result is an increased ability by all metabolically active cells to scavenge free radicals. In humans, in the white blood cells, there is an enzyme called myeloperoxidase which kills ingested microorganisms by a similar oxidation process. As a bactericide and/or fungicide, stabilized oxygen works primarily on the basis of oxidation, apparently being able to supply stimulus to the organism's own physiological response as well as offering oxidative capacity at the cellular level. We consider S.O. to be in the category of a pro-biotic, as opposed to an antibiotic. One which, standing alone and outside the body, appears to have relatively low levels of efficacy against various organisms. It is stable. Where utilized in the body, however, it combines with the natural body functions and immune responses to become an effective medication with virtually no toxicity or side-effects. 


The most common recommended use of Stabilized Oxygen is for immune protection, which is becoming increasingly important in this world of virulent flu's and rampant candida. S.O. is an excellent preventative as attested to by the experience of the thousands who discovered Stabilized Oxygen in a time of need and found how refreshing it is to feel healthy and aerobic. They then decided to make it part of their daily regimen. What is particularly important is that S.O. has proven effective where antibiotic resistant strains of common viruses have been encountered. As with any oxidative modality S.O. should be used along with a quality antioxidant such as vitamin E, vitamin A, Selenium, Co-enzyme Q-10 or S.O.D.


Because of its' effectiveness at oxidizing blood borne pathogens and stimulating the oxygenation that is necessary for proper metabolism S.O. is commonly referred to as liquid oxygen by oxygen enthusiasts worldwide. The reason for this is when it is taken every day it acts as a prophylactic against disease and provides the vitality that people are looking for to enjoy today's demanding lifestyles.


Track 14 – Get the Junk out p. 47-49

  If you want to take care of your body and enjoy a long and vital life it is important to engage in a regimen that brings about internal balance and cleanliness.  You keep your outside clean by bathing and brushing your teeth, why not keep your inside clean?  Many people do not because they have never been instructed on what gets fouled inside your body as you go through life or how to clean it up.  If no one ever told that the oil in your car needed to be replaced with fresh clean oil periodically you wouldn’t do it.  The consequence of that is that different parts of your engine that require lubrication would eventually get built up with gunk, fail to function properly and ultimately destroy the engine. 


A similar process takes place inside your body.  For this reason it is important to learn what causes the inner workings of your system to deteriorate as well as what you can do to remedy the situation with proper maintenance.  We have developed an easily understandable regimen that is simple and inexpensive to adhere to.


   Square one in any sensible health regimen is a clean digestive tract.  In addition to the transformation of what we ingest into all of the things that our body needs to run properly, the intestines must be clean to absorb these nutrients and the colon must be kept clean for proper elimination. An oxygen based colon cleanse is a thorough and gentle way to clean up and maintain your gut. Your liver is a filter, factory and warehouse.  It performs dozens of vital functions for your body.  If it is clogged with cholesterol, glycogen and toxic waste it cannot perform these tasks properly.  A regular liver flush will help your liver perform its functions the way it is supposed to.


Our modern lifestyle is sedentary and our living environment is littered with foreign chemical substances.  Modern mobility exposes us to germs from all over the world on a daily basis.  Oxygen supplementation is necessary to offset these factors.  We need additional O2 like our red blood cells use to boost our metabolism as well as oxygen singlets like our white blood cells use to oxidize toxins, kill pathogens and remove unhealthy cells.  This can be accomplished by drinking ample water with oxygen drops on a daily basis. 


For long term health and the prevention of degenerative diseases it is essential to learn about the function of the pancreas and liver and the way they regulate the blood sugar control system.  This system involves calorie delivery and storage as determined by the presence of insulin and calorie retrieval when it is needed a task performed by the hormone glucagon.  This is an important cycle that is put off balance by a number of dietary and environmental factors.  The resulting one sidedness results in weight gain and eventually in the onset of degenerative diseases.  We can adjust our habits and use supplementation to restore balance to this delicate cycle.


These four simple steps comprise a base regimen that can lead to a healthier you.  They are a great starting point for attaining and maintaining internal cleanliness.  Countless people have improved their well being by utilizing these tools and understanding why they are taking these steps.  Hopefully, you will benefit from them as well.